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Points and Paradigms A deep dive into scoring model strategies
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As a seasoned marketer, you might already be familiar with scoring models; a feature present in most marketing automation tools which helps identify and focus on leads that are engaged with your content (behavioral score) and/or have the Ideal Customer Profile (demographic score).

But have you ever wondered how well your scoring model is actually serving you? Or put another way, have you struggled to decide if it's time to make some enhancements, or if you should simply leave it to work its magic?

Whether you are building your first basic “out-of-the-box” model from scratch, or just thinking of giving your current model some TLC, this webinar is for you!

Watch this Webinar On Demand to learn about:

  • How to identify whether or not your scoring model is due for a tune up
  • How to frame out a scoring model strategy from scratch—from selecting the right actions, to choosing the right score values for your team
  • Advanced scoring model strategies, such as decay models or tiered engagement weighting based on ICP
  • Some tips and words of caution
  • And more!