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One drip at a time Turn promising leads into lifelong customers with personalized nurtures
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About the webinar
In the marketing automation world, drip nurtures (the specialized programs which allow you to “drip” emails automatically on a set schedule) are unequivocally, the powerhouse. With a “set it and forget it” nature, not only do nurtures allow you to rest assured that your valuable leads are being warmed consistently and strategically—but they also tend to have one of the best ROIs over time.

But, like anything, you will get out of it what you put into it. That’s why its important to think outside of the box, to create a nurture that is truly customized to your business—and more importantly, to your audience!

  • How to use dynamic content/snippets strategically in drip nurtures
  • Thoughtful & personalized content planning based on engagement history
  • And other ideas, tips and tricks!